Professional Driving Instruction in Salem, VA

Brambleton Driving School Offers Driver’s Education for Students

If you are searching for driving instruction in Salem, VA, count on Brambleton Driving School. We offer driver’s education classes for students under 18 in Salem and the Roanoke Valley. We also partner with Salem High School for driving courses. Driving for the first time can be scary – trust a professional to guide you or your child through the process. Call us today at (540) 309-0005 or contact us online for more information or to sign up. Our driving instructors have decades of experience in driver’s education and will keep you or your child safe.

Salem Residents Call Us for Adult Driving Instruction

Along with student driving, Brambleton Driving School also provides adult driving instruction. We see future drivers of all ages learning how to get behind the wheel. Our curriculum includes written, driving, and a combination, depending on what your needs are. Our written classes are available in person and online. Check our schedule to see what classes will work best for you. Our programs are DMV-certified and are great for any age.

Brambleton Driving School Provides Re-Examination Classes

If you have failed your knowledge exam three times, the DMV requires you to take a re-examination class. Brambleton Driving School offers re-examination classes to better prepare you for your driver’s exam. Talk to our friendly staff today to learn more or to sign up for a class.

Contact Us for Driving Instruction in Salem, VA, and the Roanoke Valley

Whether you are a student or an adult looking to get their driver’s license, contact Brambleton Driving School near Salem, VA. We work with students throughout Roanoke Valley to teach them the ropes of driving and the rules of the road. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss our various course options to meet your needs. Those taking the written portion of the class do not need a learner’s permit. Reach out today for more information.

Brambleton Driving School: Professional driving instruction in Salem, VA.

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